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Sarah's Help for Organ Recipient Expenses


Sarah Lynn Budd will be loved and remembered always. Help us honor her memory by providing organ recipients financial aid. Loosing a child at any age is a pain that no one should have to endure. She is always with us and we want others to remember Sarah and her zest for life. Her photos say so much; that smile had a contagious laugh to back it up that forced people to laugh out loud. Just knowing someone else is thinking of Sarah, warms my heart and makes me realize how she is missed by others and not just me. This Foundation is about life not death.

Many parents have experienced the loss of a child but allowed someone else to renew their life by allowing their child's organs to be donated. This is what SHORE wants to celebrate with your help and support we can give others that zest for life that Sarah embraced. 

As of May 2010 transplants performed were 66,936 in the U.S. Pennsylvania, shows 38,399 of those done right here in our own state. The needs are often unspoken by the families. Agencies and insurance benefits become the only resource these folks access. We want to work with other agencies and foundations to supplement financial burdens not covered.

Many transplantation caregivers must quit or take long absences from their jobs. Deductibles, parking, housing, child care,and food after transplantation all cause considerable financial hardship in addition to the illness.

These are just a few of the financial burdens that arise and are immediate.  

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 * Are you an Organ Recipient living in Pennsylvania?
 * Have you received a kidney, heart, cornea or liver transplant?
 * Do you need some help with expenses?
Complete the forms in our qualification packet link and send to:

The SHORE Foundation 
P.O. Box 542
Irwin, PA 15642

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